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Rhinestone Designs

Rhinestone Designs

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In Need of a Rhinestone design? Going to a special event and want to STAND Out? How about a shirt with your Business, Group or Social Club Name on it? Your Birthday? Bridal Party? Sweet 16's? Heck! Just BECAUSE?? 😊😊 There is a long list of things rhinestone prints look good on, but none of them will EVER be like YOURS!!! Yes, that's right! Yours will be a One Of A Kind design just for you and/or your group. All of our Rhinestone and print designs are Original in Concepts and STYLES. We pride ourselves on keeping each concept in it's OWN category and our customers LOVE that idea!! The only time identicals are done, is for Group orders (designs made about that particular group); other than that every shirt is a Original in its Style and Flava! SO! What kind of Shirt can I make for you? Shirt styles we offer are:

  • Feminine Cut Short sleeve
  • Ladies V necks
  • Ladies Tank Tops
  • Unisex Reg Tee (men) *Use for sizes larger than a ladies 2xlg. Use comment section to tell what size you need. Keep in mind Unisex sizes are slight Bigger than ladies.
*NOTE: All shirts are True to Size. We only use Preshrunk materials from the TOP manufacturers (ie, Gildan, Hanes, Jerzee, Anvil) We're testing more and expanding brands All Year round. So as new ones comes out we add more in. But those are just the main manufacturers we use. QUALITY is FIRST and FOREMOST with us! That's what our consumers Want and THAT'S what we Got!! 


Our rhinestones shine BRIGHT in the sun and the light. We can create anything you would like from scratch. All items comes as a Finished Good. So all that is needed is your concept. The design will be pressed on the shirt style of your choice and shipped right to your door! How to place your order:

  • Chose your shirt style and color
  • Select from one of the pre-made designs/or concepts shown or, submit your own idea via email to **If graphic submitted can't be used we can create one of your liking using our own graphics (NO extra charges). THAT's IT!
ALL Custom made items are Non-Refundable. All Sales are FINAL.
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